Music Affiliate PR Program

Creative Consultant & Branding Strategist, who creates ways ways to form strategic alliances and partnerships with some of the most influential and creative people in the industry to help further convey your brand, and or music worldwide.

​ Let Don Diego's Entertainment Group help bring awareness to your brand by leveraging the power of effective partnering, advanced marketing techniques and strategic social media marketing.

We ask that you would share custom links and codes of our marketing materials that we will provide you with--- to followers, readers, family & friends, and anyone else who may need to become familiar with the brand. If they then so choose to purchase a service via your link, or code, you will receive a percentage of the service they purchased.

The referral money the referred client must sign to the Don Diego's Entertainment Group roster. Payouts are paid on the 1st day of the month, after payment has been received by the referred client.

---- You get paid, they get paid! We know money's an issue when it comes to the artist without a large budget struggling and in need of PR. You want your music heard. What's understood need not be said.

If you are sending someone our way, we do a tele-conference consultation with your prospect on how we can help accelerate and amplify their online presence and monetize their brands.

Which is why this program is created for the artist, label, brand, entrepreneur, and or referrer. The person who refers gets the option to apply the discount to their current, or next campaign, double it down toward their next campaign, and or cash out.

So, with this co-op community of movers & shakers, lets get this money and bills paid!

Be A part of our Music Affiliate PR Program

Refer a client to our referral program that rewards both you, and the client you referred. Publicizing a brand is often the number one barrier to hiring a PR Consultant.